Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Music Creation

First of all, I need to introduce myself. My name is Toni Kamel, I am a composer arranger who's spent more than two decades trying to get the most out of computer music, and I think I did well so far.

I came to the conclusion that all you need is a state of the art desktop computer, a low latency sound card with professional specs and Nuendo

My studio gear consists of state of the art hardware:


1- TL audio VP1 The classic.
2- TL audio 5052 The Ivory mastering tool.
3- TL audio 5001 The Ivory quad preamp.

These are the heart of my studio
and believe me they sound great.

Sound Card

1- Motu 192 HD
2- Motu 2408 MKIII


A great collection of Oktava mics

1- MK-319 Condenser cardioid mic.
2- ML-53 Ribbon mic.

3- MKL-5000 Valve mic.
4- MKL-5000 Valve mic.


1- Nuendo 3.0 ( The Beast )
2- Tons of VSTi & VST plugins.